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Animal Planet Visits Rancho de Chihuahua
“Small Dogs, Big Jobs: The Chihuahua Ambassador”

Our Methodology

We provide a safe, loving, friendly, cage-free environment, and an excellent grain-free diet. All of our dogs are seen by our wonderful veterinarian. We’re big believers in the healing power of exercise. Every day, the able members of our pack hike, off-leash, through the wilds of New Mexico. There’s an element of risk in an off-leash hike and this is part of the point. Beyond helping to raise an animal’s confidence, risk-taking releases of a bevy of beneficial neurochemicals. Without getting too technical, these chemicals boost the immune system, elevate mood and radically speed healing times. To learn more about this, check out this video.

Affection and ‘denning time’ are equally important for trauma healing. Denning time is simply dogs and humans hanging out together, in an egalitarian atmosphere. This mimics the natural resting behavior of canines (which also releases a bevy of beneficial neurochemicals) and provides an environment similar to the one dogs evolved to fill. Creating an environment similar to the one dogs evolved in makes the animal feel safer. This means less stress and better long-term health outcomes. Simple, yes, but it works miracles!

Novelty is another potent healing method. For our truly fearful or shy dogs, we introduce new experiences regularly. There is considerable proof that dogs cannot feel fear and curiosity simultaneously, thus positive new experiences rewire neuronal circuitry, helping to dampen fear responses and dramatically improve quality of life.

We’re one of the only animal outfits in America with a healing methodology backboned by cognitive neuroscience and evolutionary psychology. We openly admit that considerable research needs to be done to get them towards perfection, but we can say that our methods have consistently given us spectacular success with our canine friends. If you’re curious, click here to read much more about how we work.