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Rancho de Chihuahua is a fully tax deductible 5013C non-profit. No human profits from your donation—ALL money goes to the dogs. We have NO paid employees. NONE.

We have visitor days—please contact us if you’d like to come see what we’re about.

Donation Options

Monthly Donations

Pledging a monthly donation to Rancho de Chihuahua is among the best ways to support the on-going work of the organization. Our special needs and hospice dogs often require daily medication and more-frequent veterinary visits than usual. Because 2/3 of our dogs are long-time rehabilitations, our costs are high, and our work intensive and specialized. Please consider becoming a monthly contributor. We take in dogs nobody else will, and need your kind help to continue!

Hospice Sponsorships

Please contact us for more information about sponsoring a hospice dog.


We'll send a hand-written card, in the name of the commemorated Chihuahua, to the donor, in the donee's name.

Memorial Giving

Give a gift in memory of a friend, be they two-legged or four-legged, or to someone who has lost a beloved pet by donating a Memorial Gift. We will send a special card to your friend or relative acknowledging your thoughtful gift. Please contact us for more information or to arrange a memorial gift.


A gift to Rancho de Chihuahua in your will provides your estate with an unlimited tax deduction. Rancho de Chihuahua may be named as a beneficiary under your will in several ways: as the recipient of an outright gift, either by designated amount or as a residuary beneficiary to receive the balance of your estate after specific amounts have been paid to other beneficiaries. You can also add Rancho de Chihuahua to your will through a codicil without re-writing your entire will. Please contact us for more information about bequests.

Celebration Giving

  • Holiday
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Just Because

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